Moving into a new neighborhood can be one of the most exciting but also emotional experiences you can have. Let’s not mention the stressful part of it. You’re excited for finding the new home but still having the stress of planning and getting ready for the move. Where do I start? How do I pack and unpack my possessions? There’s so much you’re supposed to handle and keep in order during a move. However, with proper planning and getting organized, you can make everything to flow seamlessly and smoothly. Read on to lean how you can stay organized as you move.

Plan Ahead

Planning, in this case, will involve laying out a clear master moving checklist, creating a budget, writing down and comparing quotes of various professional moving companies, keeping important papers and keeping an inventory of everything that should be moved. As soon as you have the move date, schedule the moving company. Consider planning each step using a calendar. You’ll need to have a clear plan on when to schedule the moving service, start packing, and probably when you should make payment and finish the paperwork. Doing all these will give you control of everything that’s happening and help you work with what’s best for yourself.

Stock up on Supplies

You may want to set up a “moving station” where you can have all your supplies at one point. Gather supplies that will be used when packing and moving. You’ll need moving boxes. Let’s just say that’s a must. Other supplies needed include labels, garbage bags, markers, packing tape, masking tape, cleaning supplies, zip lock bags of all sizes, box cutter, step tool and other supplies. Make sure you’ve selected the right boxes. Don’t wait until it’s too late before you run to the nearest store looking for supplies.

Label Boxes

We’re discussing how you can stay organized as you plan for your move and even during the moving day. Make everything easy for yourself, friends, and moving professionals by ensuring all boxes are labelled. You’ll be able to unpack all your possessions so easily since you can tell what’s packed inside. Furthermore, you’ll be able to keep track of your belongings when you arrive at the destination. No matter the labeling system you use, it will help you have a stress-free move.


Only spend time and your energy on items that you’ll keep. This is the time to donate and declutter some of the things you don’t need or you won’t be using anymore. The best time to sort through your possessions is when moving. Only keep what you need and love.